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Siemens Sinamics CIM Card of 380-690V For S120,G130,G150 Large Drives Spare Part Type No- 6SL3350-6TK00-0EA0


AROS, EMERSON and ETON make UPS REPAIR and Maintenance Services. We are doing component level repairing for Siemens make Drives.We are Exclusively Expert in Repairing of Obsolete Siemens Make Master Drives 6SE70 Series, Simoreg DC Master 6RA70 Series Drive and MM440, MM430 Drives.

Ac Drives AND Servo Drives-

Master Drive Reparing - Simovert VC, Simovert MC,Servo Drive MC, Compact Plus MC Drive, Compact Plus VC Drive.

Siemens Servo Drive Repairing-611 Servo Drive- LT Module Repairing, ER Module Repairing, IR Module Repairing.

Micromaster Drives-Siemens VFD MM440 Drive Repairing,VFD MM430 Drive Repairing Old Micro Master Drive Repairing, MIDI Master Drive Repairing, MM3 Drive Repairing Obsolete DrivesDrive Repairing.

Sinamics Drives -Sinamics S120 Drive Repairing, Sinamics G120 Drive Repairing, Sinamics G130 Drive Repairing And Sinamics G150 Large Drives Repairing. ALM, SLM, BLM of Sinamics Series Infeed Repairing.

Siemens DC Drives: DC Drive 6RA70 Drive repairing, Simoreg DC Master, DC Sinamics 6RA80 Repairing , 6RA24, 6RA26 and 6RA22 Repairing.

We are doing component level repairs of the following Siemens Make Drives cards

Repairing of Master Drive Cards CUVC Card Repairing, CUMC Card, PSU Card, PCC Card, IGD Card Repairing.Repairing of MM4 Drive Cards -GPC Card, IGD Card Repairing,CIB Card Repairing and Power Supply Card Repairing.Repairing of Sinamics Drive Cards-IGD Card of G130 Drive Repairing and IGD Card of G120 Drive Repairing, CIB Card of G130 Drive Repairing and CIB Card of G120 Drive Repairing, CIM Card of G130 and G120 Drive Power Supply Card of G130 and G120 Drive Repairing. CU 320 Cards, CU 305 Card of all Sinamics Drives Repairing. Repairing of DC Drive Cards-CUD1 Repairing CUD2 Card, Power Interface Card Field Cards of 6RA70 and 6RA80 Drives Repairing.Repairing of 6RA22- A1 card, A2 Card and A5 Cards.

We are doing repairs of Siemens make PLC -

S7-300, S7- 400 Series CPUs, I/O Modules, FM Modules, Power Supply,

S7-200 Series CPU, I/O Modules.
We are doing Siemens HMI Repairing( OP, TP and Control panels )-
HMIs:- OP77 Repairing, TP170 Repairing , OP170 Repairing, TP177A Repairing, OP177B Repairing, TP270 Repairing, TP277 Repairing, MP270 Repairing and MP370 Repairing ALL TYPE OR VFD IGBT ARE AVAILABLE WITH US -
Complete range ofFZ Series IGBT, FS Series IGBT , 6MB Series IGBT Are available with us ---IGBT FZ2400R17K3-S1, IGBT FZ1200R16K4 S1, FS300R12KE3 S1, FZ1600R16K4 S1 SKM195GB0366D,BSM75GD120DN2,BSM200GB120DIC,BSM300120DIC, SEMIX503GB126V1,SEMIX703GB126V1, 6MB1105-120-S2 IGBT

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